Hip brace with reinforcements

Hip brace with reinforcements

PAN 6.01

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Elastic hip brace elastic with plastic splints that can be removed and used only as a compression bandage.


  • milder instabilities and status post strains and sprains
  • pain in the hip joint

Right / left

Table of sizes

Hip circumference
Hip circumference (cm) 75 - 8990 - 105106 - 120121 - 130


The hip joint connects the leg and the torso of the body and is exposed to a high physical stress. It carries virtually the entire weight of the body. Hip pain frequently develops due to excessive load (e.g. sport). Other causes are congenital hip dysplasia, degenerative lesions (osteoarthritis) and, in younger individuals and children, inflammation
and aseptic necrosis of the head of joint.

The hip brace strengthens the hip joint and reduces the pressure applied on the hip.

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