Wrist and thumb brace

Wrist and thumb brace

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The brace ensures complete fixation of the wrist and thumb. It is made of an elastic perforated material, which ensures excellent heat dissipation. It is fitted with a volar splint and a shape-adjustable thumb splint.
Brace length 30 cm


  • wrist and thumb fixation in traumatic and postoperative conditions, deformation changes of the wrist and thumb
  • sprain, instability


Table of sizes

Wrist circumference
Wrist circumference (cm) 12 - 1415 - 1718 - 2021 - 22

Wrist and fingers
Wrist and fingers

The wrist is the most stressed parts of the upper limbs and performs a wide range of movements throughout the day. Common occurrence of pain is therefore not surprising. This may be caused by one-sided long-term overload, which can lead to degeneration and inflammation. Common causes of wrist and hand injuries can also include falls and bumps.
We offer a wide range of wrist and finger braces for the treatment, prevention or aftercare of issues associated with this part of the body.

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