Underarm Crutches

Underarm Crutches

DPB 10

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Duralumin underarm crutches. Very light, height-adjustable underarm crutches with high weight capacity. Removable foam sleeves of the rest and handle are soft, hygienic and easy to maintain.


  • aftercare treatment of traumatic conditions of lower limbs
  • neurological diseases

Weight capacity 130 kg

Table of sizes

Body height
Size ML
Body height (cm) 150 - 174175 - 195

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Duralumin crutches are used after injury or surgery to relieve pressure on the leg while walking. The body weight partially rests on the arm
holding the crutch handle, thus reducing the pressure on the affected limb. The crutches are height-adjustable in several increments and have a high weight capacity.

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