Shoulder brace – Dessault’s bandage

Shoulder brace – Dessault’s bandage

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Bandage to fix the shoulder, which can be easily adapted to all patients’ body build.


  • clavicle fractures
  • aftercare following humerus fracture
  • sprains and inflammation of the shoulder joint
  • shoulder irritation
  • overloading of the shoulder joint, etc.

Universal for the right and left arm

Table of sizes

Chest circumference
Chest circumference (cm) 56 - 6364 - 69

Children orthosis
Children orthosis

Injuries to children in pre-school and school age are relatively common. Children are very lively and active
and it is not easy to watch over them. Fractures and sprains are very common injuries among children. Typical fractures in children affect the wrist, fingers and clavicle. In school children, the most prevalent fractures are those of the upper extremities, followed by
ankle sprains and damage to the soft parts of the knee joint. Panop braces offer a wide range of paediatric braces that are intended for kids,
considering their further growth
and development.

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