Perolax calf brace

Perolax calf brace

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Calf brace for use in footwear or barefoot, facilitates walking during paresis or after palsy affecting the peripheral part of the leg.


  • foot drop due to palsy (fibular nerve, peroneal nerve)
  • weakened dorsal flexion of the foot

Universal for the right and left arm

Table of sizes

(cm) 21 - 2324 - 2526 - 2728 - 2930 - 31


Perolax calf brace

Injury to the ligaments on the outside of the foot is one of the most common injuries both in sports and in everyday life. A sudden twist of the foot into the supine position causes strain or tear of the outer ligaments. It manifests with sudden pain, swelling, and in severe cases, haematoma. Located in the ankle is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body - the Achilles tendon. It is very strong and very susceptible to damage. It has a poor blood supply, therefore its healing takes longer and can turn into a chronic problem. Prevention and treatment involves wearing of high quality bandages, and stabilization of the ankle area or Achilles tendon. Our products ensure maximum care in the ankle joint treatment, from severe sprains, fractures or ankle surgery to prevention in sports or other physical exertion associated with an increased stress on the joints and connective tissues.

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