Cervical spine allows movement of the head and is very stressed, often overloaded. This may cause unbalanced work of the neck muscles, affecting not only the cervical spine, but also the surrounding joints and soft tissues. The most common cause of pain
in the shoulder and cervical spine is injury to the soft tissues, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Neck pain is often reported in patients with unilateral static load and most commonly occurs
in people working in the office or in professional drivers. These problems begin
in the back of the neck and radiate outward through the upper shoulder muscles in the area just beneath the skull
and under the shoulder blades. Neck pain is often associated with tingling or burning sensations resulting in movement limitations. This pain is generally worse in the morning and evening. A cervical collar limits the movement of the cervical spine and has a supportive effect. It perfectly copies the body due to its anatomical shape. It is easily applied and is made from comfortable materials pleasant for the skin.

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