Infrapatellar tape

Infrapatellar tape

PAN 7.15

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Knee brace for patellar medialization


  • Patellar syndrome (hyperpression, chondropathy)
  • enthesopathy in the patellar area
  • \"Jumper\'s knee\"

Universal for the right and left arm

Table of sizes

Circumference below the knee
Size ML
Circumference below the knee (cm) 30 - 4142 - 51


The knee is the largest joint of the human body, which is constantly exposed to heavy loads. There are many different knee disorders, syndromes, inflammations, injuries, and so on. Knee pain can be caused by a trauma or unequal leg length, flat feet or overweight. In many people in their fifties, knee pain is caused especially by arthritis, which damages the articular cartilage. In particular, people in job positions with excessive physical exertion are affected.

PANOP bandages and braces provide comprehensive solutions for postoperative and conservative therapy.

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