Elbow Bandage with Epicondylar Tape

Elbow Bandage with Epicondylar Tape

PAN 4.04

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All-textile elastic elbow sleeve with additional epicondylar tape, possibility to control the volume of the brace.


  • radial and ulnar epicondylitis
  • enthesopathy in the elbow area
  • mild injury (elbow contusion)
  • pain during degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the elbow
  • aftercare of postoperative conditions

Universal for the right and left arm

Table of sizes

Elbow circumference
Elbow circumference (cm) 18 - 2021 - 2324 - 2728 - 3132 - 35

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The most common disability of the elbow is known as a tennis/golf elbow. It is an injury of the tendon insertions caused by acute overload, which can lead to a degenerative tendon disease. Prevention and treatment of these problems involves wearing of epicondylar tape that provides relief for the tendon insertion and reduces pain. The brace is easily attachable, with adjustable compression. The pad support provides excellent pressure focusing.

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